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Winter Skin Care Guide

Posted on 19 December 2016

Body Merry Winter Skin Care Guide

From sweaters to scarves, warm gloves to hats, the season for ultimate layering is back! As the temperatures continue to fall your skin will need a little layering of its own to shield against the harsh touch of winter and we’ve got the perfect lineup for the job.

When exposed to colder conditions, skin can become dry and tight, and in some cases may even crack. Having the right products to brave the season will not only help to combat those seasonal concerns but also provide an extra boost by nourishing and sealing in the moisture your skin needs to stay healthy and full looking.

So here’s how to keep your skin merry this winter:


A very important part of any skin care regimen is the process of cleansing, which removes the buildup of dirt and oil accumulated throughout the day. Cleansing can free your pores from clogging and allows skin to breathe and renew itself.  This is especially important throughout the winter months when dryness can impede the renewal process. Our Vitamin C Cleanser is gentle on skin and great for everyday use. It keeps your skin clear of drying layers.  

Light exfoliation is also a must. Contrary to popular belief, it should not cause excess dryness if done with proper care. Exfoliating not only clears pores of extra dirt and gunk, it also gives your skin the clean slate it needs to restore itself, prepping it for the sealing nourishers to follow as part of your skin care routine. Our Brightening Charcoal Mud Mask is designed to provide just the right amount of exfoliation to leave your skin clean and healthy! Formulated with a slightly gritty yet smooth texture, it works to dig deep into the skin, gently removing excess buildup without the hardening effects of a typical mask. Applying the mask once or twice a week will give your skin just the right amount of gentle exfoliation it needs. 


Our Hyaluronic Dew Serum is designed to address dry skin concerns, and this formula not only hydrates but also seals in moisture, making it the perfect guard against the brisk winds and dry air that can damage your skin. 


Because dryness can be a bit more pervasive throughout the winter, it’s important to address these concerns with rich moisturizers like our Breakthrough Night Cream. It is our most gentle formula, designed to target dry skin as well as fine lines and wrinkles, it’s a dose of skin-protecting hydration that’s perfect for daytime wear too!

Some other moisturizing options you may want to consider are our Super C-22 Moisturizer and Age Defense Neck Cream.

Body Care

Now that your face and neck are covered (no pun intended!), let’s not forget about your
body! Keep your skin supple  with our Stretch Marks & Scars Defense Cream, and our Stretch Marks & Scars Defense Oil. This body butter and oil duo is great for daily use, leaving skin buttery smooth especially for those areas prone to dryness and cracking in the winter.

There you have it! Eight incredible alternatives to protect your skin against the dry conditions that come with the winter season and you know what else? Each of these products pair well with any skin routine so you can’t go wrong!

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