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Why Simple Skincare Routines Are Better

Posted on 13 December 2017

While there are thousands of enticing skincare products available with varying scents, ingredients, and packages, it is actually found to be favorable to only use a few instead of stocking up on all the latest trends.

Dermatologists explain that your skin needs time to adapt to a product for it to work optimally, so using many different ones will deter one from ever working as well as it can. Instead, choose a few products you like best, and use them routinely for best results.

Another reason that simple skincare routines work better is that certain ingredients do not mix well with others.  If two products interact poorly with each other, neither will have positive effects. That's why it's often best to use all your skincare products from the same line or brand, as they are less likely to interact negatively with each other.

Finally, simple skincare routines are easier to follow, which leads to increased success. If you only have a few products you use twice a day, and you don't have to choose between many products, your routine will be must shorter, making it more manageable. Even if you're in a rush in the morning or if you're tired at night, you'll be able to fit in the routine.

So, which products should be in this routine? Stick to one cleanser, a healing serum, and a moisturizer to be used twice a day. You can add an eye cream as needed, and an exfoliator to be used one or twice a week at max.

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