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What's Really In Your Pores?

Posted on 23 August 2017

Let's face it, we're obsessed with our pores, but do we actually know that much about what they are or how they work? To properly treat our pores, we have to answer these questions!


Of course, pores are openings in our skin, but did you know there are two different kinds of pores? We have oil pores and sweat pores. Sweat pores are too minuscule to be seen easily, but oil pores are what we also refer to as hair follicles. The hair follicle brings oil to the surface of the skin, and lubricates it to keep us moisturized.

So pores don't actually seem that bad, right? However, they are also associated with acne, which is when glands become overactive, producing excess oil and plugging the hair follicles, which become irritated, sometimes even causing scarring.  Acne is most often experienced in teenagers, although ages can vary. Alongside acne, enlarged pores can also lead to skin problems.

Don't worry, there are solutions! It is best to visit your dermatologist to assess your personal skin issues. They can prescribe treatment, which can vary from topical cream to oral medication. Body Merry offers a range of top-notch skincare products to help diminish pore problems and size. We especially recommend the Glycolic Acid Exfoliating Cleanser, Vitamin C Exfoliating Cleanser, Super C-22 Toner, and the Charcoal Mud Mask!

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