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What’s Really In My Pores?

Posted on 15 July 2020

What’s Really In My Pores?

The skin is our body’s largest organ, and it breathes through millions of pores. Because they’re open and take in what’s in our environment, it’s common for them to get clogged which often leads to acne and dull-looking skin. This is why it’s important to keep pores clean, and free of dirt and grime!

The pores on our face, back, and chest are oil pores, and visible to the eye (versus sweat pores). They are responsible for producing the body’s natural oil called sebum that keeps the skin nourished. Hormones will work to stimulate these glands, which is why the pores on our face can be more visible, along with any excess dirt which can be expanding them. 

The good news is that there are ways to minimize the appearance of pores, and it’s simple: keep your skin clean and well-nourished! Here’s a quick list of tips to help in your fight against visible pores:

1. Cleanse & Exfoliate 

  • If you struggle with large pores or acne, a daily exfoliating cleanser would be a game-changer. This will help alleviate clogged pores and slough away dead skin, dirt, and oil build-up that can cause a dull-looking complexion. Make sure you check out Body Merry’s exfoliating cleansers!

2. Get a facial steamer

  • If you need a little extra, we recommend getting a facial steamer to help open your pores for a deeper clean (you can also use a warm compress or take a hot shower). 

3. Use a toner

  • Use a toner like Body Merry’s Super C-22 Toner to clean away excess dirt, oil, and grime your cleanser missed so your serums and moisturizers can do a better job. Also great for anyone with oily skin to help alleviate a shiny gleam/ excess oil.

4. Use a face mask once a week 

  • Shop around for a mask that works best for your skin type and try to do this once a week. Your skin can always use a little extra TLC ;)!

We hope these tips help, and if you have any questions make sure to reach out to our support staff

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