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Breaking Down Breaking Out: 3 Types Acne

Posted on 21 August 2017

Some of us are just about as immune to acne as we are a hot, new skincare trend. The annoying skin condition that usually affects teenagers is just as common among adults. Considering hormones, diet, stress, and other factors - it’s normal. Acne comes in all different shapes, sizes, and colors. Each and every one can be a true pain but it’s important to understand which is which. When we can identify exactly what kind of acne we’ve got going on we can give our skin better treatment.


First we’ll talk about the most basic of the bunch. Blackheads and whiteheads. They’re the most common and most usually found around the nose or nasal area. Blackheads form when follicles get blocked and clogged from bacteria, debris, and dead skin. The little black spots can be removed by cleansing pores with products like our Glycolic Acid Exfoliating Cleanser. Unlike blackheads which are black in color, whiteheads are, surprise, white! The small spots are actually oil glands. When excess oil builds up, the glands get clogged and become trapped between layers of skin.


Papules and postules are the inflamed kind of acne. The sort that we all have the urge to burst and pop. Postules appear as white spots with pale yellow centers while papules are small red bumps or dots. The latter may not be sensitive to touch but the white spots are usually very hard to touch as they are filled with pus. We have to be very careful with these and resist the urge to pick! It can result in dark spots and permanent scarring. If the damage is already done - don’t stress! We use products like Scar Gel to restore skin by diminishing the texture and appearance of scarring and spots.


Getting into the nitty gritty of acne: nodules, comedones, and cysts. Nodules, much larger than the last two, are some of the most severe. Inflamed and extremely painful. Without any pus, they are hard to touch and can usually only be cured with the help of strong medicine. Comedones are commonly found along the forehead, chin and jawline. A fancy name for a plug of dead skin cells and oil in the pore. They are pimples - but they aren’t red or swollen. Cysts on the other hand are deep, pus filled, and large! They can be quite sore to touch. That’s when products like our Blemish Soother come in handy, acting as a spot treatment to help soothe the soreness until the breakout clears and our skin recovers. 

Don’t forget that doctors know best when it comes to acne. We always consult with a professional prior to using products so that we know it is best. There’s loads of products on the market for acne and blemish-prone skin. It’s always better to be safe than sorry!


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