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The Battle Against Acne

Posted on 26 April 2021

Have you tried all sorts of acne treatments that don’t seem to work? Well, we’ve got you covered! There are tons of new tips and tricks to help get rid of blackheads and make sure they stay gone, so your skin can stay clear and beautiful.

Extraction tools 

The internet is riddled with tools you can utilize to extract blackheads and stubborn acne. There are comedone extractors to aid in the removal of both whiteheads and blackheads. The key to properly cleaning out clogged pores with these tools is to use them gently. Over-exerting force with these tools can cause skin damage. There are also skin scrapers available to help slough off excess dead skin cells from the surface. Removing dead skin helps to reveal a brighter complexion and prevent your pores from getting clogged. But these, too, should be used with care so as not to cause undue harm or irritation. 

If extractor tools or skin scrapers don't cut it for you, there are also pore vacuums available that help to suck away excess skin debris from clogged pores. These should also be used with care to prevent any unnecessary skin irritation from occurring. If any of these tools sound intimidating, find a trained esthetician near you to properly perform facial extractions. 

Topical Weapons

Let's face it, sometimes the best skin weapons you can use are the topical products you can apply at home everyday. Some of the main culprits for acne formation are excess oil and dead skin cells, which can gunk up our pores. For gentle exfoliation, we recommend Glycolic Acid Exfoliating Cleanser. Formulated  with glycolic acid, willow bark and jojoba beads, this cleanser can help gently clear clogged pores by sloughing away dead skin. We also suggest Retinol Surge Moisturizer to fight acne. Crafted with the optimal amount of retinol, this moisturizer helps to clear breakouts by preventing dead skin cells from accumulating in your pores. This cream can also help to fade old acne scars. When you don't have the luxury of weekly spa facials, these topical weapons are strong enough to help you prevent breakouts from happening. 

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