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Serums, Toners and Oils...Oh My!

Posted on 02 August 2017

We’re all a little dazed and confused by what sort of hydration we should be using on our skin. It has become hard to recognize what’s what with an overwhelming influx of new skincare products on the rise. We think it’s time for an explanation beyond the standard moisturizer.


Let’s start with serums, the undercover superstar of skin care. High in concentration of active ingredients, they kick off the show for the rest of our skincare regime. When applied to damp skin they will increase product performance and maximize benefits. Serums offer a variety of benefits depending on the formula, but they can truly change skin by reducing fine lines, wrinkles, sun damage, hyper-pigmentation, dry skin and more. We love something like the Hyaluronic Dew Serum which is ideal for every skin type and infused with aloe, MSM, jojoba oil, green tea and vitamin C.

Now for toners - designed to remove residue that gets left behind from tap water and cleansers. This includes chlorine, salts, and chemicals which can dehydrate our skin.

Last but definitely not least are oils. They add nutrition and hydration by providing essential fatty acids which our bodies cannot manufactures themselves.

All of these products may appear to look and feel the same but in reality there actually is a difference between each one. Serums are water based with oil, actives, and peptides. Toners are water based with actives like plant extracts and essential oils. Oils are, of course, oil based with essential oils added in. Each type of product can benefit specific types of skin and address certain concerns. There are calming and soothing toners, hydrating toners, and astringent toners like our Super C-22 Toner. This one uses witch hazel as a way of toning skin and tightening pores while balancing natural pH levels. The sound of a facial oil often scares away those with oily skin but the truth is that they can be extremely beneficial. Those suffering from eczema or rosacea can also greatly benefit from a gentle face oil. Serums are the most potent of the bunch and can irritate sensitive skin when piled on. Our Pro-A Serum works well with wrinkles, acne prone and oily skin while our Super 6 Serum uses vitamin C and retinol to shield against damage.

So, why do we need all of this stuff? If we want to maintain radiant skin we need to rejuvenate and protect from ageing, pollution, toxins, and free radicals. Serums, toners and oils are designed to work with another to provide the maximum amount of protection and hydration. If we use them all together we will have an unstoppable trio leading us to ideal, glowing skin.

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