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Prepare For These 2018 Beauty Trends

Posted on 10 January 2018

Are you ready for the New Year? Well, regardless of your resolution, you'll be able to take advantage of the beauty trends coming your way.


Instead of caking on the makeup, skincare is going to be the main source of beauty this year. So get ready to trade in your foundation for some moisturizer and concealer for a great eye cream.

This year, Rihanna set the standard for inclusive shade ranges in makeup. So this year, other brands will have to step up their game. Finally!

While Korean beauty has been very popular this year, many of the product ideas actually come from Japan. This year, products from Shiseido, Kanebo, and Kate Tokyo are sure to be huge.

This year skincare regimens are likely to be condensed, meaning that products must be as powerful as possible. Products like The Universal Emulsion that can act as a day cream, night cream, primer and more are sure to become more common.

Our skin is constantly bombarded with things that can harm it, even if we don't realize. When we sit in front of our computers, blue light is emitted that can damage our skin. Pollution is also a constant damage, and skincare brands are beginning to realize that they need to offer protection to their consumers. Products that act as a guard from these, and many other, risks are sure to come out in full force this coming year.

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