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Nurse Jamie Sherrill Reveals The Top Skin Mistakes

Posted on 06 December 2017

Jamie Sherrill, or as she is often referred to, Nurse Jamie, is a skincare expert based in LA who assists some of the top stars with their skin, such as Jessica Alba or Kim Kardashian. While we may not all be A-List celebrities, we can still benefit from Jamie's advice.

To avoid a faster occurrence of wrinkles, she says that sleeping on your side can bring about wrinkles faster, especially when resting your head on a normal pillow. Instead, she recommends a silk pillowcase, which stops ageing creases. She explains why pillow selection is so important, "choose a shape that will help you train to back sleep - or at least keeps the opening for your face so that the most delicate areas around the eyes, cheeks and neck do not form permanent wrinkles."

Another mistake many of us make? Over-exfoliating. Seems like a good idea, with Sephora filled with alluring products promising to make your skin baby soft, but Nurse Jamie says "we need to treat our skin like a silk fabric and not a piece of leather. When you over exfoliate, physically and chemically, and with over-frequency - which is very common - it destroys the protective barrier that your skin has."

The final mistake many of us are making? You guessed it. Not properly taking our makeup off at night. We all know how important it is, yet some of us still slack on it. Nurse Jamie emphasizes how aging it is to improperly remove makeup at night, so we should probably all get a little bit more serious about it!

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