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Nobel Prize Winning Skin Care?

Posted on 08 December 2017

While we all love a great moisturizer, we aren't exactly sure that we'd nominate it for a Nobel Prize. However, we might have to rethink this as a new skincare brand is being made by a Nobel Prize winner in chemistry!

PanaceaNano is a company that has been co-founded by Fraser Stoddart, who won the prestigious award in 2016. While the award was won for developing rotaxane, which is a molecular machine, he is taking the science further into anti-aging.

PanaceaNano owns Noble Skin Care, which has new particles called organic nano-cubes, which are explained as "made up of hollow cubes that work as molecular reservoirs to store and release skin care active ingredients in an extended release formulation directly onto the skin in a controlled manner, allowing for continuous skin revitalization, renewal and repair over a longer period of time."

Because of this innovation, Noble skin has predicted that they will be able to offer a skin care experience unlike any other, with unmatched anti-aging benefits. THE CEO of PanaceaNano, Youssry Botros, explained "molecular precision enables the Noble luxury skin care product line to reduce visible signs of aging more effectively by precisely releasing the anti-aging ingredients for over a longer period."

While there has always been science behind skincare, some believe that Noble will be taking it to the next level by utilizing organic nano-cube technology, which may offer effectiveness and longevity that is unprecedented in the market. Nobel Prize winner Frazer Stoddart agrees, noting that the material is also safe, organic, renewable, and bio-degradable.

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