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Ingredient Of The Month: Hyaluronic Acid

Posted on 11 September 2017

Hyaluronic Acid seems to be on everyone’s beauty radar these days. The so-called magic ingredient is a naturally occurring substance. A non-sulphated glycosaminoglycan which can be found in our bodies. That’s right, it’s not actually an acid which will exfoliate away dead skin cells. Instead it does something much different. It’s responsible for holding the water which plumps skin up. In fact - hyaluronic acid molecules attract and retain more than 1,000 times their weight in water. Stabilizing, safeguarding and renewing are all a part of the job. It works by binding to moisture, lubricating and sustaining shape for a healthy look and feel. Unfortunately, our natural supply begins to diminish over time. As we age, our skin loses the ability to preserve such moisture. Elasticity and firmness need to be replenished and renewed. That’s where products containing hyaluronic acid, like our Hyaluronic Dew Serum, come in.

With such a buzz surrounding the skincare component there must be an overwhelming amount of benefits, right? Right. Some of the many include increasing hydration, boosting elasticity, promoting cell growth, curbing premature wrinkles, firming skin tone, and nourishing to keep skin smooth and moist. By revitalizing the skin’s outer layers it can help to decrease visible line and wrinkles leaving a softer, smoother glow behind. The benefits go beyond offering a more plump, hydrated appearance. Hyaluronic acid works towards protecting skin from the sun, harsh skincare ingredients, and environmental toxins. Antioxidant defense is another serious benefit.

Now that we know what it is and how it works, the only question left is - how do we apply it? Hyaluronic acid is available in injectable fillers, topical lotions, masks, creams and serums. Pure fluid form is ideal for combination or oily skin as it is lightweight, gentle and calming. The most potent topical form is serum. This type is best applied on bare, clean, and slightly damp skin. The wetness will help to lock in that plumping moisture we all need. Those with acne marks and damaged skin can use a product like Pro-A Serum which will help to balance complexion and even skin tone.

Aging skin can benefit from a serum which optimizes hyaluronic acid's moisture-binding abilities. Our Super 6 Serum does exactly that, protecting against aging concerns by pairing with vitamin C. These ingredients together help bring back youthful skin qualities like firmness and suppleness. There isn’t only one skin type that hyaluronic acid can benefit. Whether our skin is sensitive, acne and redness-prone, oily, or combination - we can find a formula out there that will work for us. We can all have revitalized, softer, smoother and radiantly hydrated skin!

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