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How to Make Your Eyes Pop

Posted on 11 December 2017

Eyes are one of the first things people look at when they meet us, so it's crucial that they're looking their best. With a few simple tricks, the world will be lost in your eyes.


It's important to remember that your eyes need moisture too, so be sure to use an eye cream. This will prevent fine lines and wrinkles, and make your eye makeup glide on smoothly.


Make sure to use a primer before using eyeshadow. This will keep the products from slipping and sliding, keeping your hard work in place and lasting all day.


By applying a light shade to the inner corner of your eyes, you will appear more youthful and energized. From the inner corner, gradually work to slightly darker colors on the outer corner.


Some of us can apply four hundred coats of mascara without getting the effect we desire, which is actually due to the angle of our eyelashes. By curling the lashes, you can create a look that suggests your eyes are open and awake.


Going for a natural look, but still want to look put together? Applying a nude or white eyeliner to the waterline keeps a natural look while making your eyes pop.


While it's great to have lashes for days, applying too much mascara can get clumpy, which is definitely not a look.

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