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How to Have Perfect Makeup for Every Holiday Party This Season

Posted on 29 December 2017

This season is great, you get to see friends and family all the time - and have an excuse to dress up! However fun this may be, the task can sometimes be daunting. But there's a way to make sure your makeup is never slacking, just make sure you wear these simple essentials.


This is obviously crucial for this time of year. Make sure you find a red lip that suits you best, whether you like a gloss, liquid lip, or lipstick, make sure to always have it handy. The perfect one could even put Rudolph's nose to shame!


Glitter shadows are the perfect look for holiday parties, just make sure you either use a primer or an eyeshadow that has extreme staying power - because you'll be dancing the night away! Go for either a gold or a silver to get especially festive.


Don't let the New Year's Eve Ball be the only thing shining. Make sure you glitter and wear an icy highlight for the occasion.


Want to go a bit daring? A green eyeliner will definitely do the trick, while maintaining the theme magnificently. Green is especially flattering on brown or hazel eyes, so give it a shot!


We know it's winter, but you still have to look hot! Don't forget to bring just a little bit of a summer skin moment into winter with some bronzer.

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