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How to Find What Skincare You Need Through DNA

Posted on 23 November 2017

Do you sometimes get overwhelmed by how many skincare products are on the market? It can be very difficult to tell which items you actually need. Everyone tells you that you need to start investing in anti-aging products, but if you haven't started seeing those wrinkles or age spots crop up, how can you know which ones you need? Now, there's a test you can buy that will tell you what you need!

The HomeDNA Skin Care Test, which is available at CVS or online, is able to provide you with your skin's genetic profile so you'll know exactly what your skin's strengths and weaknesses are. By analyzing 28 genes associated with skincare, it can recommend ingredients, nutrients, and treatments your skin will need most, better enabling you to purchase the best personalized skincare products. This means you can save money on all the products your skin isn't as likely to need (or splurge on what it does)!

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