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How Computers Can Damage Your Skin

Posted on 04 December 2017

Many of us sit on our computers for hours throughout day. While we might think we are aging ourselves simply by sitting for that long, we are actually simultaneously damaging our skin as well.

Computers emit infrared radiation and high-energy visible light, sometimes referred to as HEV, which can be just as damaging as UVA or UVB lights. HEV is able to increase the risk of skin cancer, as well as aging the skin by causing wrinkles, spots, eye bags, and uneven pigmentation. Let's face it, none of us wants any of that.

So what's the solution? Make sure you wear sunscreen at all times. This is true even when you are just sitting at your desk or in your living room. It may seem silly, but you'll be glad when you are able to retain your baby-soft beautiful skin.

What else emits these lights? Your phone, television screens, and likely most other screens you can think of. So, a safe bet is to always wear sunscreen.

However, you might also want to limit your exposure, as these lights can also be damaging to your vision. Glasses with lenses that protect against HEV light are available if you are required to work on a screen for long periods of time (or if you just have a Netflix addiction!)  

For added safety, drink lots of water and keep a healthy diet. Water, fruits, and vegetables have the ability to nourish your skin, protecting against the effects of aging.


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