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Foods That Cause Wrinkles & Speeds Up Aging

Posted on 02 June 2020

Foods That Cause Wrinkles & Speeds Up Aging

Wrinkles and fine lines are a normal part of aging, but your diet can also speed up the process. And a benefit in changing your diet is that it doesn't need much money and no needles are involved! We’ve decided that it’s time to present our readers with a list of 5 products that have a bad effect on our skin and should be eaten with a sense of caution. 

1. Sugar

Sugar is responsible for weight gain, creating wrinkles, making your skin saggy, and destroying your health in general. Eating too much sugar harms your skin’s collagen (because these proteins are responsible for the firmness of the skin) and encourages the development of wrinkles. 

2. Trans fats  

Trans fats can be found in fast food, margarine, deep-fried foods, canned frosting, any junk food, and the list goes on and on. This weakens the blood flow to the skin and can cause early aging and wrinkles.

3. Alcohol 

Drinking regularly will not only affect your liver, but can cause damage to your skin like puffiness, acne, wrinkles, a loss of collagen and elasticity, dehydration, redness, and puffiness. 

4. Salt

Excess salt can be found in a lot of popular foods like pizza, fast food, chips, cereals, crackers, etc. Salt causes the cells to shrink and leads to dehydration. Not enough water leaves the skin looking dehydrated which highlights all those fine lines and wrinkles. 

5. Coffee and caffeinated drinks

Caffeine is a diuretic, which makes you excrete fluid and creates a deficiency of moisture in your body. This makes your skin fragile and dry. But luckily this problem can be resolved: just drink an extra glass of water for each cup of coffee you drink. Also, never forget to hydrate your skin!

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