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Fall In Love With These New Makeup Routines

Posted on 16 October 2020

Fall In Love With These New Makeup Routines

Fall is a great time to change your makeup look from cool tones to warm. Not only will your skincare routine change (hello moisturizer), but your makeup colors and choices should change too! 

Fall is a great time to have fun with your look. Try out some darker colors, tones, blush, and lips. Go bold, have fun and you may even go lighter on the foundation since freckles and sun damage aren’t as prevalent in the cooler months.

Eyeshadow can be fun to play around with. Make your eyes pop with autumn colors, such as cranberry and violet. Choose colors that bring out your eye color and create a warm look on a chilly fall day. 

If you prefer a more neutral color on the eyes, but a more playful lip, choose a neutral dust-colored eyeshadow and play with your pout. It’s all about experimenting!

Go bold with your lip color! Achieve a great fall daytime look with sheer lip gloss with a hint of color. Choose darker reds or intense browns for a true fall look.

If you want to push the boundaries, try a lip stain in burgundy or purple. Use a concealer around your lips after applying a darker lip stain to make sure the color doesn’t bleed outside your lips.

Don’t skip the blush this fall. It gives your cheeks a pop of color, taking away the ‘pale’ cooler temperature skin tone we all get after losing our summer tan. Play with rosy reds and pinks to bring some color to your face.

Have some fun with your makeup this fall! Enjoy the bolder colors, simpler routines, and definitely don’t forget to moisturize often. Go light on the foundation and heavier on the colors and your face will feel just as warm and fuzzy as your favorite cardigan.

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