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Don't Fall For These Skin Myths

Posted on 29 November 2017

We've been hearing these stories ever since we were young; however, some of them simply aren't true.


Even on cloudy days your skin can be damaged by harmful UVA and UVB rays. In fact, you should wear sunscreen everyday- even when you're inside!


Some people assume that certain scars cannot be removed and are somewhat permanent. However, by using products that stimulate collagen regularly, you will be able to see massive improvements and eventually even no longer be visible.


Some people think that if you have oily skin, it will moisturize properly. However, moisturizer has benefits of its own that are needed. However, cleaning your face strips it of natural moisturizer, regardless of skin type. Oil-free moisturizers are available to replenish this moisture without getting too shiny!


While we're all for maintaining a healthy diet and avoiding what could have adverse effects, there isn't actually any proof of greasy foods causing acne. However, one trend in your diet that could be the culprit is dairy, so you might want to cut down on cheese if you're experiencing pesky breakouts.


While strong prescription retinol products can be too harsh on sensitive skin, that doesn't mean you have to stay away from them entirely. Weaker over the counter retinol products are sometimes effective without being too tough on the skin, and can show dramatic changes in acne.

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