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Posted on 18 March 2020


To our dear customers:

We hope you, your family and loved ones are safe and well during these trying times.  

For  most of us, the national and global response to stem the spread of COVID-19 (Coronavirus) represents an unprecedented disruption of our normal lives. And while these changes can be painful, hard times can bring out the best in all of us, and we take comfort in the fact that communities and individuals are making hard choices to protect those most vulnerable.  

Accordingly, we have instituted a work-from-home policy for our team.  For those who cannot, such as our manufacturing and fulfillment teams, we are taking every precaution to make sure they are as safe as possible. So far, we have not experienced any significant disruptions to our supply chain and continue to operate at near full capacity, and we are stocking up wherever possible. 

That being said, things can change quickly as the situation continues to unfold, and we will keep you updated if anything happens that might impact your buying or support experience with Body Merry.

Ultimately, we are prepared to make any necessary sacrifices for the greater good

Finally, we realize that skincare may be low on your list of concerns during these times, which is totally understandable. That said, we hope you take time to care for yourself and your loved ones. Tell them how important they are. Spread happiness. Even though our daily routines are changing, it can be comforting to maintain those you can.  If our products are part of that, we thank you, and we will do our best to keep you supplied.

Like our brand, we hope we can play a small part to help spread happiness during these tough times. Please stay connected and email us with any questions, or feel free to send some positive stories, funny anecdotes, or quarantine entertainment ideas we could share with our followers!

Stay safe. 

Happy you, means happy us. 

- Team Body Merry

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