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5 Tips for Summer Skincare

Posted on 12 June 2017


As the weather begins to heat up  – it becomes increasingly important for us to pay attention to our skin. Summer is an especially crucial time for skincare as it’s filled with increased sun exposure, heat, and more active living. Such changes can wreak havoc on our complexion if we’re not careful. Dedication to protecting and repairing is a must. All of those products that we have been using during the year’s colder months are not going to prove as effective around this time. Our skincare routines and products need to change just as the seasons do.

So, how do we do it? Here we go! Our Top 5 Tips for Summer Skincare:
We all love a good glow. Exfoliating at least once (ideally twice, or maybe three times) a week will help our radiant and healthy summer skin shine. Get rid of a dull and uneven complexion by removing all of that buildup and dead skin. This will also allow hydration from products like toners and moisturizers to do their job the right way.
If H20 isn’t already a best friend of ours - it will become one in the summertime. Humidity and heat combined with hours spent outdoors can lead to dehydration. While washing out toxins, water will keep our skin to look and feel fresh.
It may be tempting to step away from some products in the summer because our skin doesn’t feel as dry but consistency is key. The heat and the sun can still dry us out. Staying moisturized with lightweight products will promote healthy skin and protect our complexion.
Whether we have had a sunburn or not, UV light can and will cause damage to our skin in the form of rough patches, wrinkles, and brown spots. Inflammation and negative effects on healthy collagen production are also a result. A tan may be a go-to summer look but it’s important to blast our skin with age-fighting ingredients that will help undo any sun damage and further protect it.
This is probably the most crucial tip of them all. Even if it’s cloudy outside, we need protection! Sunscreen isn’t just for sunny days and sunbathing. It should be applied every day and reapplied every 1-2 hours throughout the day. Throw away last year’s bottle and opt for a new one with a minimum of SPF 30.

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