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17 Tips To Merrier Skin in 2017

Posted on 06 January 2017

This 2017, raise the bar on your resolutions. Make this year the Year of Amazing Skin with 17 simple tips that’ll not only draw you closer to your skin goals but also make a positive impact on your overall health.

Drink More Water

One of the easiest ways to keep your skin clear and healthy in the new year is to stay hydrated! Drinking water can clear the body of toxins that contribute to inflammation and unwanted blemishes. It also helps to maintain skin and cell health, assisting in the movement of oxygen and nutrients as well as encouraging a ‘plumping’ effect that  keeps skin looking fuller and more youthful.

Drinking a minimum of 8 glasses per day is highly recommended and if you’re active, doctors recommend drinking even more. Eight glasses might seem like a lot, but there’s no need for it to be monotonous. You can drink your water in a variety of ways! From tap, spring, sparkling, fruit infused and much more - the choices are endless.

Without sufficient water, your skin is prone to dehydration, allowing it to become excessively dry and vulnerable to the formation of wrinkles. So be sure to keep your skin quenched. For an added boost, shield it with a moisturizer, like our Breakthrough Night Cream or Super C-22 Moisturizer. ;) May your water runneth over!

Stop Smoking

Are you one of the millions of people that resolves every year to quit smoking? Well, this is the year to stick to it! Smoking causes accelerated aging by slowing down the blood supply that keeps skin looking supple and healthy. It also contains carbon monoxide which displaces oxygen in your skin, and nicotine, which reduces blood flow, leaving skin dry and discolored. Smoking also depletes the skin of many nutrients, including vitamin C, which helps to protect and repair skin damage.

Thankfully, our line boasts of products packed with the much-needed vitamin C boost your skin craves starting with our Vitamin C Cleanser that washes away dirt buildup. We also have our Age Defense Super 6 Serum, which is our strongest serum yet and contains anti-aging giant retinol in addition to vitamin C for the refreshing kick your skin needs.

Quit smoking to have your skin (and body) looking and feeling good!

Always Use Sunscreen

While we encourage you to get your daily dose of vitamin D, it’s important to always wear sunscreen. Sun exposure, like smoking, can hasten the aging process, causing  wrinkles & age spots. It also forces hyperpigmentation spots to grow deeper and darker, prolonging skin’s recovery. The most severe concern of them all is the increased risk of skin cancer.

Plus, keep in mind that most age defense skin care ingredients (such as retinol and AHAs) will make your skin more sensitive to the sun and in turn, more vulnerable to exposure. So whether it rains, snows, sleets or shines - always wear sunscreen.

Find A Skin Regimen Right For You

It’s time to lock in on a skin care regimen that’s right for you! Achieve happier skin in 2017 with a consistent routine to keep pores clear, acne controlled and the signs of aging in check. Kick off your new routine with a cleanser, serum and moisturizer.

Not sure which ones to choose? Just ask us! We have regimens fit for any skin type. Whether you're normal, oily, dry, combination or the sensitive type we can guide you to products fit for your skin.

You can also check out our Youtube channel for a regimen guide based on skin types. Check it out!


Take Off The Makeup

We’ve all had our long nights. For some of us, these nights have resulted in makeup smears over our pillows and while great art is appreciated, we can all agree that a pillow is certainly not the proper canvas. Yet the biggest problem of sleeping with your makeup on is the effect it has on your skin. Leaving makeup on overnight can lead to clogged pores, making room for bacteria buildup and, in some cases, leading to flaking of the skin. So before you go to bed, always be sure to remove your makeup!

For an added boost of that clean and fresh feel follow up with a Body Merry skin care regimen, starting with a cleanser and finishing off with moisturizer to seal in hydration.

Pay Attention To Your Skin

While trying any new skin care regimen or product, it’s important to give your skin proper time to adapt and make note of the differences. Start off slow, see how your skin responds and if after continued use, you see your skin is ready for more, then increase your usage.

Care For Your Neck

When it comes to skincare, there are some areas of the skin that are far too often neglected, like your neck. Consider it the pillar that holds your face, and like your face it requires  attention.

Our Age Defense Neck Cream is formulated to fight the appearance of wrinkles and folds that many refer to as ‘Turkey Neck’. It helps to tighten and firm your skin to keep a smooth feel from your face to your neck.

Make 2017 the year of amazing skin for your neck and décolleté area!

Goodbye Thinning Lashes & Puffy Eyes

The skin around your eyes is sensitive and it is often the first to display signs of fatigue and aging - so be sure to care of it with your skin routine. Make tired eyes a thing of the past with our refreshing Age Defense Eye Cream and Day-To-Night Eye Gel. Then, tackle thinning lashes with the Lash & Brow Elixir for lash-enhancing ingredients that’ll make every bat of the eye as memorable as the last.

Get Your Beauty Rest

We know in this day and age, sleep seems more like a luxury, but it is still a necessity. Sleeping gives your body and skin the chance to rejuvenate and renew. Without it, your body is susceptible to fatigue which lowers circulation and leads to paleness. Failing to rest intercepts on the beautification process in ‘beauty sleep’, don’t pass up on this gift.

Eat Your Way There

Diet plays a major role in the overall state of your body and skin. Without balance, the lack of necessary nutrients can weigh over the body’s ability to restore, in turn affecting skin’s health, so feed it well. Eat your way to a merrier 2017 by incorporating more veggies as well as whole, unprocessed foods into your diet, and beware of sugary snacks. If the munchies strike, reach for mixed nuts and water-based fruits like watermelon instead!

Add Retinol To Your Routine

Whether you’re in your 20s, 40s or beyond, retinol is for all skin types and ages. It not only works to prevent future signs of aging, it also addresses existing signs. We have an arsenal of powerful retinol-packed products, like our Retinol Surge Moisturizer for your moisturizing needs and the Super 6 Serum and Pro-A Serum that help nourish skin to keep it looking healthy and youthful.

Clean Your Phone

Your phone can harbor bacteria, wipe it down as often as you can. Keeping it clean will reduce bacteria and save your cheeks from an acne invasion. If your face does experience an unwanted break-out, use our Spot On Blemish Soother to calm things down.

Don't Pick At Your Pimples

The temptation to pick, pop, scratch and fiddle pesky pimples can be tough to ignore sometimes, but whatever you do, resist the temptation. Picking at your skin can lead to inflammation, scarring and even cause permanent damage. Let your skin and regimen do the dirty work!

Take Time To De-Stress

Stress can put a damper on healthy skin.  When not managed properly, it can lead to breakouts and other skin reactions that can set your progress back for weeks. Take control of it!

There are a plenty of options available for managing stress - consider breathing exercises, yoga classes and/or teas. Or, take relaxation a step further with a muddy session of our Brightening Charcoal Mud Mask. What better way to pause and pamper your skin (and bring some calm into your life)? We can’t think of a better way!

Protect Your Skin From Post-Workout Acne

Like your diet, exercising is super important for keeping the body going and encouraging renewal from within, but while the extra cardio is a perk, the post-workout breakout is not.

How do you prevent this? First, wipe your face of any makeup or product to allow pores to breathe. Secondly, wear a headband to stop sweat in its tracks. Although you may still sweat, keeping your skin clear throughout any workout can help it breathe and prevent any unwelcome break-outs. Always be sure to follow your workout routine with a skin care regimen and for added freshness apply our Super C-22 Toner after cleansing to wipe away excess dirt left behind.

Keep Smiling & Laughing

It’s a new year, resolve to laugh as much as possible, and smile as often as you can. Remember that challenges are inevitable, but they’re also temporary, so focus instead on all the things worth smiling over. Besides, frown lines don't make for happy skin.

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Let's 2017 an amazing year all around!




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