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10 Skin Myths Busted

Posted on 27 July 2017

We love our skin but for as long as we can remember we’ve been told quite a few tall tales about how to go about caring for it. Which tips should we be listening to and which statements should we dismiss? Here are 10 Skin Myths that need busting:


“Sunscreen is only good for sunny days”

We need to apply sunscreen every single day. Harmful UVB and UVA rays can still harm our skin as it penetrates through the clouds and windows. That’s why a broad spectrum sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30 is always a must.

“Expensive skincare works best”

A common misconception about skincare products is that the higher the cost, the more effective it is. Check what’s in that moisturizer or face wash before purchasing. Blindly picking the most expensive one doesn’t mean that it’s the best.

“If a product doesn’t work right away, move on”

Only move on right away if there is a bad reaction! It can be discouraging when we don’t see immediate results but benefits usually won’t show themselves for at least one month. Being patient is key if we really want to give a product a chance.

“Retinol is not necessary in your 20’s”

Retinol is vitamin A, a powerful anti-aging ingredient that reduces discoloration, wrinkles, and keeps acne in check. It should really be a part of everyone’s nighttime routine - starting in our twenties.

“If skin adapts, change your products”

Skin care products work in the same way that a healthy diet does. If certain foods are considered healthy they will always be healthy, no matter how much we eat them. There is no need to switch products that are doing the job right.

“Hot water open up pores”

Let’s be honest. Hot water just makes it appear as though pores are open as it makes the outer layers of our skin swell. Pores are not temperature-sensitive.

Eating chocolate causes breakouts”

Not exactly! There’s no real proof that chocolate, on its own, is a direct cause of pimples. Although, we aren’t doing our skin any favors with a diet that’s high in sugar.

“Only use products with all natural ingredients”

The term “natural” is often loosely regulated. Synthetic ingredients may be as equally effective as those found in nature. Just because a product claims to be all natural doesn’t mean that it will be the most suitable for our skin.

“The more you apply, the better the result”

Too much product will leave us feeling greasy and end up clogging our pores. A quarter-sized dollop, give or take a bit depending on dryness, will work just fine.

“Slim and fit people do not get cellulite”

Weight gain may lead to the development of cellulite but it is definitely not the only cause. Dimpled skin can appear on any body type! Slim and fit included.

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